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Babylon City is a fictional place within the GetBackers manga series. It rests beyond Heaven's Gate within an adjacent universe, in another Shinjuku city. Unlike the Shinjuku that is seen throughout the series, the one in Babylon City is without the Infinity Fortress. However, it is the town of Creators.


Babylon City is mentioned heavily throughout the series, but very little information is given until we reach the end of the manga. When Ginji Amano - the God of Creation, walks through Heaven's Gate, as the rest of his world is erased, he enters Babylon City, and is welcomed by Dr. Kuroudo Akabane. Akabane is a surgeon within Babylon City, and he was waiting for the God of Creation to arrive, in order to show him the whole truth.

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Ginji and Akabane within Babylon City

Within Babylon City, new laws have cleaned the tunnels of the homeless. Because the city is thriving, the buildings are full of tenants. It is not perfect though. The Black Market and Sex Workers are still around. The Gangsters and Delinqents are still around. Day and night reflect different aspects of the city. Business people usually work when they are free. They bring their families over to visit. It is a moderately stimulating town. However, Ginji Amano asks Akabane, "Who made this town?" Akabane tells him that it was a good question, and that he would show him.
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A female Kazuki with her boyfriend Juubei

Akabane takes Ginji to meet Juubei Kakei and Kazuki Fuuchouin, who in this reality, are a couple. Kazuki is actually a female. She is the daughter heir to the traditional Fuuchouin School of Japanese Stringed Instruments. Juubei is the successor to the Kakei School. He is a genius of acupuncture and is a lecturer at the college within the city. Akabane also mentions that Shido Fuyuki, Sakura Kakei, Haruki Emishi, and Toshiki Uryuu are also around.

Akabane explains that within Babylon City, there is no savagery and murder. People live in peace. They live out peaceful days of love and trust, overflowing with abundance. However, there is becoming a source of anxiety for people of the city. People suffer, but they suppress themselves. The number of suicide cases in much higher within Bablyon City.


After Ginji finished talking to his mom, Ginji opened up his eyes within nothingness. It can be assumed that the Archive had finally caught up with Babylon City, erasing it as well.

However, after Ginji Amano had recreated all that the Archiver had erased, he figured that this visit to the other world was just a dream. Since Ginji is now God, through his will, shaped creation would turn into an actuality, and that the other world will be a facade. 

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