Drei Ritter

The personal bodyguards of Der Kaiser


Drei Ritter (Shimon Miroku).jpg
The Drei Ritter
They consist of the Miroku 7's father, and older brother and sister. Simon's son carries a massive Kunai that is as long and as wide as his body. Simon's daughter carries an extremely long scythe. The younger ones were easily defeated by Paul when he reverted back to his "Gale Emperor" days. However, the "bearded ojisan" (as Ginji calls Shimon, the father) was able to easily defeat Paul, even when he was using the powers available in his prime. Realizing that wisdom is more important than strength, Paul returned to his older self, and defeated the man.


  • Shimon Miroku
  • Shimon Miroku's Eldest Son
  • Shimon Miroku's Eldest Daughter
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