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Eris Miroku is a fictional character in the anime/manga series Getbackers. She is the elder sister of the Miroku Family. She is the reason for the hatred that Natsuhiko Miroku carries for Ban Mido.


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Eris playing with Ban and Natsuhiko

Eris Miroku was the big sister of the Miroku brothers, although she was not related by blood. She was the future wife of Yukihiko Miroku, the unification of all the siblings.

Sometime, during the events of when Ban was in Germany as a child, he stumbled upon Eris, who was suffering from the awakening of her Voodoo Curse. Ban asked how the Voodooist got to her, and Eris begged for his forgiveness. Ban explained that the mark meant that she made a contract with the Voodooists. She explained that she never thought that they would use her to hurt Ban.
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Eris with the Voodoo Curse

She expressed that she just wanted Ban to love her. As she could feel herself fading away, she charged into Ban, begging him to kill her. She wanted to die as a human being. As she begged for death, Ban summoned Aesclepius in order to deliver the killing blow. She died, simply telling him, thank you.

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After the death of Eris, Natsuhiko Miroku vowed to kill Ban Mido one day.
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