They are an extraordinary pair known as the GetBackers. The two operates a freelance repossession (Recovery) service out of one of the poor areas of Shinjuku, Tokyo. For usually a reasonable fee, they will recover any lost or stolen item for a client with an "almost 100% success rate".


The GetBackers' job often leads them into bizarre and dangerous situations in order to "get back what shouldn't be gone". Their targets range from lost video games to misplaced components of an atomic bomb. The plot mostly revolves around the their adventures, often complicated by the pair's convoluted, individual pasts and a mysterious place known as the Infinity Fortress (Limitless Fortress).




  • The Second Generation of GetBackers

Known Missions

  • Get Back a prisioner
  • Get Back a dog
  • Get Back the Final Fantasy Video Game
  • Get Back the Platinum Watermelon
  • Get Back the Stradivarius
  • Get Back the thirteen sunflower of Van Gogh
  • Get Back the Implosion Lens
  • Get Back the Venus de Milo arms
  • Get Back a Stolen Ring
  • Get Back four kids
  • Get Back thirteen bottles of wine
  • Get Back Madoka Otowa from the Kiryudo Base
  • Get Back Himiko Kudo in the Mirror
  • Get Back The Lost Time
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