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Juurou Kamata
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English Name

Jurô Kamata

Manga Debut

Tome 20


The 7 Kiryudo







Juurou Kamata is a fictional character in the manga series Getbackers. He's one of the 7 heads of the Kiryudo, being one of the most powerful members of the clan. As a Kiryudo, he's able to control insects; specifically mantis. He's a member of the Mantis Clan and his specialty among his fellow partners is "Assassin".


He's one of the members who destroy the Maryudo clans long time ago. As stated by Suiha, his promotion to one of the chiefs was only because he has a similar ability to that of Natsuki Amon.

The Eternal Bond arc

He's first seeing after Saichou's succesfull capture of Madoka but doesn't do or say any signigicant. After Jorougumo's defeat, he asks to Suiha and Gemshuu if they are afraid of the retrievers.

When Natsuki Amon and Haruki Emishi were entering he forest, Juurou Kamata releases his swords like mantis from his arms and that now it is his job to kill those two. After Kabuto's orders to destroy the enemies, Kamata quickly appears in fron of Natsuki and Emishi. He orders to Natsuki to give it it or else, he's going to be killed anyway. Emishi rushes towards him but Kamata uses his Wind Blades and easily takes down Emishi. As Emishi is surprised to be so weak, Kamata explains him that it was because of Natsuki's life absorption technique and that he's taking his slowly.

Kamata vs Emishi and Natsuki.

Natsuki goes ahead against Kamata but he's no match for him and when he's about to pierce right through his head, he's wrapped by Emishi's whip. Emishi is about to finish him but Kamata quickly releases his Karmic Burden and transforms into a giant mantis and blows them away. Kamata takes his minions and feeds on them in order to increase his chance to survival. Kamata attacks both of them and Emishi isn't able to restrain him thanks to Natsuki's power.

Kamata killed by Natsuki.

Natsuki worried about Emishi's life quickly rushes against Juurou Kamata and releases all his power against him. Juurou Kamata finally dies with his life taken by the Grim Reaper Natsuki Amon.


Mantis Clan Tecniques

Kamata's Sword like Mantis.

  • Man's Insect Mimicry: Mantis Arm Blade: Juurou Kamata imitates the physiollog of a mantis and generates to sword like manti's claws which are able to cut trough metal and pierce the human flesh
    • Wind Blades: he can send various wind blades by moving really fast his mantis claw swords.

Karmic Burden

Kamata releases his Karmic Burden.

  • Mantis: as leader of the mantis clan, when he releases his Karmic Burden he transforms himself into a giant manits which grants him inmense strenght and speed with high resistance against attack.
    • Ally Consumption: during this form, he's able to eat his subordinates in order to heal himself and have more probablity to survive during a battle.