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Reiji Tsuzuki

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Manga Debut

Tome 15


The Five Archangels, Lucifer's Group.

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19 December

Reiji Tsuzuki, also known as Raguel is a fictional character in the manga series Getbackers. She's one of the five fallen archangels chosen by Lucifer at the Divine Design.


She's first introduced as a guy since she was raised by her family like one and it is only revealed in her character profile that she was a girl and not a boy.


Divine Design Arc

Raguel is first introduced with her friends Remiel and Uriel in their hideout commenting on Sariel and Gabriel actions against the GetBackers. She argues with Gabriel of his actions since he knew the GB duo before the game started.

As they watch Ban's training, Raguel again tease Gabriel about his relationship with the GetBackers; but Sariel stops her. As Gabriel fails to get Ban Mido, it is ordered by Raguel and Uriel to get know Ginji and make up to his previous mistake and making Mido awakes Asclepius. When Sariel is defeated by Mido, she and Uriel are stunned by that fact but as Sariel arrives, he tells them to stay calm. Lucifer arrives and tells the three of them to prepare the for the second round.

When Uriel freaks out when the guardian beast and Toshiki Uryuu are defeated, Raguel tells him to calm down but he replies to him that neither does she has a place to go. Sariel leaves them and orders them to continue the game.

As Lucifer is defeated by Ban, Lucifer frees them from the cursed claw mark and arrive with Maria Noches and the others where the fight ended.

At the end, Reiji finally returns to her mother and home.


"He who seeks revenge against the world of light"


  • Reiji or Raguel supposed to be a member of Brain Trust and was the one to lead Hakase, a.k.a The Professor; and Akabane towards Lucifer.