Rika Yamamura is the daugher of the old man, Mr. Yamamura. She was taken by the Yakuza after his father's business ran out into the ground.

Anime and Manga

It was showed in the Anime and Manga that she doesn't want to be with his father. But according to Ginji, it seems she doesn't mean to say those words about her father.

In the anime, she is the daughter of a former owner of a factory who's been driven to poverty. She was then given up by her father reluctantly to the yakuza that the company owed debts too.However, it seems like she was quite satisfied with living in the yakuza, as she got almost everything she desired. When Ban and Ginji went to retrieve her for the father, she betrayed the GetBackers by informing the yakuza of them and leading the duo straight to them. She then saw the true colors of the yakuza boss and realized she wasn't as important as she thought. After the yakuza was defeated by Ban and Ginji, she still seemed hesitant towards seeing her father again. As a result, she didn't follow the duo the see her father again.  She was last seen talking to her father while he was on the stretcher to the hospital, but due to Ban and Ginji's conversation afterwards it can be inferred that it was a illusion made by Ban's Jagan.

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