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Sakura Kakei
Sakura Kakei 2.jpg

English Name

Kakei Sakura



Anime Debut

Episode 13

Manga Debut

Tome 06


Lower Town, Fuuga, Volts

Other Names



Member of Volts


Maxubex's Right Hand




5'7" (170 cm)

Too many parameters

Sakura Kakei (筧朔羅 Kakei Sakura) is a fictional character in the manga/anime series GetBackers. She is the older sister of Juubei Kakei and perhaps the most loyal follower of MakubeX.


Sakura remained in Infinity Fortress after the breakup of Volts, where she assisted MakubeX to restore order and bring the IL to fruition. She fights using a cloth, which she seems to control via telekinesis; although she is a skilled fighter, she does not often use her skills violently, preferring diplomacy to force. To MakubeX, Sakura is a mother figure (many fans believe that their relationship may actually be romantic, with overtones of shotacon), making things difficult when he was forced to fight her in the "Get Back the Lost Time" arc (her body was controlled by the powers of the black thread). During the Voodoo Child arc, she displayed her fighting skill for the first time in the entire manga, as she saved Kazuki Fuuchouin from three vagrants by using her 'Peacock' technique. (although way back in the IL arc, she did restrain Takuma Fudo when he threatened to lose his temper). Afterwards, after she was enmeshed in the Black Coccoon spell, she reveals her true potential, when a mere flick of her cloth could destroy the pillars in the hall where she fights against MakubeX. After her release from the spell, she, her brother and Toshiki Uryuu helped distract the monstrous guards of the entrance to the Beltline long enough for the GetBackers, Kazuki and MakubeX to enter.

At the end of the arc, there was a panel where she looked disappointed, having thought that MakubeX hadn't survived the battles (many other members of the cast had already met up with each other). Her face brightened up as the boy genius waved to her. Finally, she was last seen accompanying MakubeX on a shopping trip outside Infinity Fortress.


  • Her name Sakura (朔羅) means "new moon" (朔) (saku) and "thin silk" (羅) (ra).