Stigmata" (聖痕, Stigumata); it is the sign that one has a destiny. Those who bear the stigma existed to be allowed to witness the fate of the world between the King of Nothingness and the King of Creation.


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The Stigmata

The stigma is the pass (and a seal) for those who bear this Stigma exist to witness the final battle; The Ogre Battle. It means that one was destined to witness the birth of the God of Infinity Fortress. Those who bear the stigma have made it into Babylon City and seen what shouldn't be seen. They have lost their memories (Lost their time) as a result of making it into Babylon City, thus the seal of the Stigma was gained at that time, erasing memories of that time.

Those who bear the stigma are granted with immense power. They will be in pure bloodlust. All of their natural abilities and stats are augmented to their absolute best. It is said that every character in Getbackers is allowed to use no more than 30% of their maximum power. However, through invoking the power of their Stigma, one is able to use all 100% of his or her power and exceed all limits. The Voodoo Curse, and the Chimera Heart are very similar to the Stigmata.

Powers and Abilities

The Stigmata refers to the "Lost Time" ( people who have lost their time, and thus exists in a timless dimension). It is the mark given to those who have tried to cross the other side of the door of Babylon City, and have been shown the truth. This mark gives one greater strength. It also possesses a desire for violence if the seal is not sealed, making the actual eye ache unless enough blood is shed.

Kazuki explained that when these eyes are revealed to the world, one 'Steps beyond everything'. In volume 31, it is explained by Masaki that when the eye is revealed, power no longer becomes important, because the user surpasses power itself.

Yohan explains that the Stigmata does not create talents that were not there to begin with, also implying that it merely takes the retrictions off of one's power.

1.) A single eye lends immense power (removes the 30% boundary) and grants 100% usage of power.

2.) 2 Stigmata eyes grants immortality to the user.  (Which may explain why when the Voodoo King was perfecly annihilated, he stood back up as if nothing happened. Only his alter ego disappeared, and there is no evidence to suggest its gone for good)

3.) The Voodoo king is the only one who has 3 stigma eyes.


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