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Toshiya Minami
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Manga Debut

Tome 15


The Five Archangels, Lucifer's Group.

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18 March

Toshiya Minami, also known as Uriel is a fictional character in the manga series Getbackers. He's one of the five fallen archangels chosen by Lucifer and the Divine Design.


He lived in a family where he was always compared with her beautiful, talented sister that get all the attention. No matter what he did, it was never enough compared to her sister. Always compared to her sister, he comes up short.


Divine Design Arc

Uriel is first introduced with her friends Remiel and Raguel in their hideout commenting on Sariel and Gabriel actions against the Get Backers.

As they watch Ban's training, Uriel comments on how pathetic are all of them specially Ban Mido and his lack of talent. As Gabriel fails to get Ban Mido, it is ordered by Raguel and Uriel to get know Ginji and make up to his previous mistake. When Sariel is defeated by Mido, he and Rague are stunned by that fact but as Sariel arrives, he tells them to stay calm. Lucifer arrives and tells the three of them to prepare the for the second round.

When Mido defeated Nishihara Hakushu, Uriel starts worrying about their defeat, but Sariel calms his down telling him they have to defeat all the four beast guardians before arriving where they are. When the Get Backers, Himiko and Jubei pass the magic circle, Uriel freaks out as he hadn't any more plans but Sariel again calms him and tells him that anything more, not even Lucifer since he's also only a man.

When Toshiki Uryuu is killed for betraying Lucifer, Uriel shouts at Sariel telling him that they have to help Remiel and Gabriel. Raguel tells him to calm down but he replies that neither does she has a place to go and they are all what they've got. Sariel tells them that they have to continue the game.

As Lucifer is defeated by Ban, Lucifer frees them from the cursed claw mark and arrive with Maria Noches and the others where the fight ended.

At the end, Uriel finally returns home with her mom at home.


Weather Control

As stated by Maria Noches, Uriel is able to control the weather. As he doesn't use this powers in the manga, it is unkwon the full extension of his powers.