Tsubaki Miroku
Tsubaki Miroku 3

English Name

Tsubaki Miroku

Manga Debut

Tome 12


Miroku Clan, The 7 Miroku

Other Names

Warrior(s) of the Moon







Tsubaki Miroku is a fictional character in the manga series Getbackers. He's one of the seven brothers sharing only one body and member of the Miroku Clan and also works at the service of protection whenever he's hired for a job.


Tsubaki is one of the seven personnalities that will become one when Natsuhiko Miroku becomes an adult. He's one of the few brothers, along with Hikage and Tokisada, to be whitness when Ban killed her beloved Eris Miroku; swearing to take revenge against Ban.

Among his brothers, Tsubaki displays the most arrogance outright. He's always disrespectful and insults either his opponents or also his brothers; specially Yukihiko.

In the Manga

Get Back The Arms of the Venus

Tsubaki, along with his brothers, is hired to protect the arms of the Venus. Tsubaki is first seen during a discussion with his brother Yukihiko Miroku, telling him that they should not involve too much into the client's problems as they are only there to protect the arms and miss Hera for any harm until the work is finished.

Soon after, Tsubaki along with his brothers starts the second attack against Ginji; Tsubaki discusses with his brother Hikage Miroku who's the one that can kill Ginji. After Hikage takes the battle, Tsubaki replaces him when Ginji decides to go on a close combat. Tsubaki tries to stab him with his knifes but Ginji manages to escape. After the Miroku 7 reveal their true nature and Hikage is unable to fight, Tsubaki take the lead in a close combat against Ginji and when he takes his distance, Kirara replaces him. When Ginji becomes the Lightning Emperor, Tsubaki, being one of the remaining brothers, is easily defeated by him.

Get Back The Lost Time

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When the enemies of the Beltline where attackin MakubeX and Haruki Emishi, Tsubaki and his brothers arrive and help them killing all the enemies on the way. They said that their father, Shimon Miroku, asked them to come to the Infinity Fortress and they had to catch up where Ginji is. Except for Yukihiko, all brothers said that MakubeX and Emishi where to weak for they can follow them, but when they see MakubeX's power, they decide to let Yukihiko go with this two.


Sword Skills

Tsubaki, in difference from his brothers, fights using two short knives and also the Miroku Style Sword techniques. He's the most powerful among them when it is said about a close-ranged combat. He's very proficient using his two knives and capable of using various combos against many enemies. Unfortunetaly, his biggest disadvantage is the long-ranged combat so he's always trying to put himself near his ennemies if he wants to win the battle.

For a hint of the weight of his sword, see: Shimon Miroku

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