Ukyou Miroku
Ukyo Miroku 3.1

English Name

Ukyou Miroku

Manga Debut

Tome 12


Miroku Clan, The 7 Miroku

Other Names

Warrior(s) of the Moon







Ukyou Miroku is a fictional character in the manga series Getbackers. He's one of the seven brothers sharing only one body and member of the Miroku Clan and also works at the service of protection whenever he's hired for a job.


Ukyou is also one of the seven personalities that will become one when Natsuhiko Miroku becomes an adult. He appears after Ban killed Eris Miroku; also she swearing to take revenge on Ban. After Natsuhiko and Tsubaki, Ukyou is the third oldest brother among the seven.

Ukyou is an overreacting and blood-thirsty person who enjoys a good fight with a strong opponent. He's very confident on his abilities and similar to his brother Tokisada Miroku, makes his attacks recklessly and without thinking.

In the Manga

Get Back The Arms of the Venus

Ukyou, along with his brothers, is hired to protect the arms from the Venus. He's first seen during the discussion with his brothers towards Yukihiko. When Tokisada Miroku states that he could finish off Ginji, Ukyou mocks on him telling that if he continues being so reckless, he would get himself even more scars.

Soon after, Ukyou along with his brothers starts the second attack against Ginji; Ukyou being the third to land a blow on Ginji claiming for his blood. Ukyou continues the attack after Natsuki enters the battle against Ginji, overwhelming him with his acrobatic skills and curved sword; forcing Ginji to hide. After the Miroku 7 reveal their true nature and Hikage is unable to fight, Ukyou replaces Tokisada after he slashes Ginji's back to give him the fatal blow, but before he could do it, he's blown away and defeated by an expansive shockwave sent by Ginji.

Get Back The Lost Time

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When the enemies of the Beltline where attackin MakubeX and Haruki Emishi, Ukyou and his brothers arrive and help them killing all the enemies on the way. They said that their father, Shimon Miroku, asked them to come to the Infinity Fortress and they had to catch up where Ginji is. Except for Yukihiko, all brothers said that MakubeX and Emishi where to weak for they can follow them, but when they see MakubeX's power, they decide to let Yukihiko go with this two.


Ukyou could be considered the most agile and acrobatic of all the 7 Miroku.

Sword Skills

Ukyou uses like his brothers a special sable called "scimitar"; instead of being a long and straight up sword, it's a curved sable that fits very well to Ukyou's acrobatic skills. Ukyou's attacks aren't forward the enemy, but he jumps all around his enemies until he finds the right spot and can do his attack. He also uses the Miroku Style Sword techniques with which he can uses energy slashes towards the enemies.

For a hint of the weight of his sword, see: Shimon Miroku

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