Hello, I am planning on requesting to adopt the GetBackers wiki soon. Before I really became a regular wiki user, I used to frequent this wiki a lot, back when there were some contributors. However, the wiki seems pretty dead now, and seeing how this wiki could use some tidying up and expanding, I'd love to help contribute to that! I'm an admin on a few wikis and would love to adopt this one as well. GetBackers was one of the first series I got into after being introduced to anime, and some years ago I got into the manga series. I would love to fix this wiki up a bit and having the theme designer would be a huge help. One of the things I'd love to customize the infoboxes a bit more, but without being able to play around with some color schemes in the theme designer, I don't have much of an idea of a color scheme just yet. This goes without saying with the rest of the wiki's design and how to structure and format everything. Right now I'm currently going through the wiki and fixing some typos and other miscellaneous errors. I've also been adding some articles that are relevant to the anime as well, such as soundtrack information.

Though there is a great deal of information here, there is still much more content to be added. Wish me luck in acquiring the wiki rights!